About AnimalMicrochips

Throughout the United Kingdom, it is mandatory for all dog owners to have their dogs microchipped and recorded with a U.K. Government compliant microchip database. It is also important to keep those details up to date with change of address or telephone details, as well as being U.K. law.

Microchipping is not exclusively for dogs though. Many cats also go missing and can wander 3-5 miles in a night. Microchipping is also available for smaller animals, such as Rabbits and Ferrets.

Microchip syringes come in different sizes, so be assured that the correct one will be used to microchip your pet.

A.M.C. has negotiated special terms for animal rescuers. Please send us an email and we would be delighted to send you details on our microchipping rates with chargeback. We will inform you how chargeback works for rescuers and how we can help to ensure the safe relocation of an animal as well as helping financially towards rescuing further animals in need.

Microchipping options

Animal Microchips has an excellent choice of microchipping options.

Option Price
Shop visit Microchipping from £295.00
Home visit microchipping from £350.00
Lifetime registration
This covers a lifetime of changes for you as the pet owner
Initial owner registration (this covers your first inital dog registration) £9.95
Change of any owner details after initial registration £6

Keep your pets safe!

More than 70,000 dogs are reported missing in the U.K. some of which have become lost but increasingly, dog theft is also on the rise. It is very important to keep details up to date, as pets registered with up to date details have a much higher chance of being reunited with their owner.

A.M.C . Implanter training

We will have a qualified team of microchip implanter trainers and run weekly courses. You have the choice of coming to us or we are more than happy to come to you. We aim to accommodate everyone's individual requirements. Further details to book the course, home or shop can be found here.